Time for some winter fun!

         It's that time of year again, the weather is changing and it's getting colder outside. Winter is upon us, and it is a time for festive decorations, warm drinks, and cozy clothes. While it may seem like a time of year to hibernate, there are many reasons why you should stay active. With holiday festivities in full swing, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make some new memories with family and friends. The winter season brings with it an array of activities that can keep both your body and mind fit. You can go speed skating, ice climbing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or ice skating, the options are endless. What's more? All these sports will also help build up your endurance levels for the warmer months ahead! These activities will bring you joy and keep your body warm on these cold days.

       No matter what type of winter activity you enjoy, it is important to dress warmly. Here at Evolution Wear, we cater for that occasion. The Winter Solstice jacket is a favorite with a lot of customers who love to hit the slopes as well as for the ones that love to walk around in the winter air. The Winter Solstice Jacket has a full water repellent exterior with a soft quilted, water-resistant lining and detachable hood. In backpack mode, the entire bottom of the jacket can be zipped to make your inside pockets not only storage space available, but the entire jacket itself also becomes one big pocket fit for your daily needs. It also has 7 discreet pockets and has a solar charger attachment button. This is great because you can attach our Evolution Wear Rapid Sol Gen 1 to it. The Sol Gen 1 is a technology device that is powered by the sun's rays. It has built-in solar panels that absorb the rays of the sun then convert it into power to charge your phone and tablet. You don't have to worry about your electrical device running out of power while you are having fun, and the great thing about it is that it's lightweight so you won't even feel it. 

       Now you're probably wondering what kind of activities can you go out and do in the cold. Many people love to snowboard or go skiing, but there are other winter sports that you can grab a group of friends/ family and do. For instance, you have curling. It's a sport where you slide stones across the ice towards a target, like in bowling. Curling is easy to learn and has rules similar to lawn bowling. If you want an active winter pastime that doesn't involve much physical contact, try curling! There is also ice hockey which was first developed in Canada. It is a sport played with sticks and a puck on an ice surface, where two teams compete against each other to score points. There is also snow tubing, dog sledding, toboggan, and ice skating. If you are someone that has little kids and want them to be active then you can have a snowball fight. You can also build a snowman, snow forts, and snow angels. You could even take a walk through one of your local parks while the landscape is covered in snow and twinkling lights.