Always have a full battery, no matter where you go!

 With the price of oil and gas rising, the solar industry is a hot topic these days, and for good reason. It has been proven that by using sustainable energy sources such as this we can combat climate change while simultaneously eliminating high utility costs associated with other forms of fuel source used in traditional power plants. Consumers are always on the hunt looking for new ways to power their homes, devices, or businesses without having to pay high prices and solar panels may be one answer! In fact- according to one recent study commissioned by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) - globally investment into cleaner technologies over just the next five years could result in total savings worth up 6 trillion dollars compared against business practices currently commonplace here today.

          The sun is a great way to generate clean, renewable energy, but it can be difficult to harness all that potential. That's where solar technology comes in - with outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and fishing there are many ways for you to take advantage. New technologies are coming out that have solar panels attached to a small devices that are powered by the sun so that you won't have to worry about your phone's battery dying while you are out enjoying all that Vitamin D. You can now go on your adventures with more confidence without worrying about your phone battery dying.  

           Here at Evolution Wear, we believe the future of solar energy can now be carried in your pocket wherever you go! Our Rapid Solar Gen 1 is a lightweight product that is powered by the sun's rays using built-in solar panels. The built-in USB technology allows faster-charging speeds within 1-2 hours of charging.  It is one of the most flexible monocrystalline designs in the world and here at Evolution Wear we are proud of it. One thing that is unique about it is that this product can work at night as well. It has a 3200 MAH built-in battery so that even when the sun isn't shining your devices can still be charged. There is no other product on the market that has that feature and we are proud to pave the way for this sustainable feature. Our second product that has been flying of the shelves is the Steady Sol Gen 2. The Steady Sol Gen 2 can charge cameras, phones, and tablets with its 14W output. This product can charge most phones in under one hour thanks to the solar panels attached to it. This means that if you're out walking with friends—or just want to charge up quickly when hiking through nature--you'll be able to power your devices with these two products without relying upon charging stations or wall outlets for hours at a time. 

         I challenge you to carry one of our products next time you go out and have some fun. You will be amazed how at ease your mind is now that you have a device to power up your phone. Get on the hot trend today and go solar. It will change your life! 

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